Welcome Our Newest Trainer, Meryl Cohen!

Meryl has been training dogs since 2010. She received her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Cal Poly State University in 2010, and continues to develop her skills and expertise. She and her working dog, Marco, currently do protection work for IGP and personal protection scenarios with Ricky Rivera at Spectrum Canine. She also travels to Los Angeles a few times per year to train with All Canine Working Dog Club for competitive IGP. Marco has his BH and is preparing for his IGP1 in spring 2020. Meryl and Marco also have trained twice with Julien Ryckenbusch, a sport dog trainer from France, and plan to continue working him during his annual visits to California. The pair also competes in AKC FCAT where Marco placed second in the U.S. rankings for his breed clocking in at 28.10 MPH. They also compete in dock diving where Marco won the Splash Dogs Senior Division National Championship in 2018.

Meryl’s Pack

  • Marco: 3-year-old Cane Corso, Odisseia’s Exhilaration of Victory with Italica BH DJ DM BCAT
  • Cooper: 13-year-old Lab x bullmastiff mix rescue dog, retired service dog
  • Millie: 7-year-old pitbull rescue dog

Meryl specializes in working with bully breeds and powerful working dog breeds. She has a passion for behavior modification especially aggression, and leash reactivity. She loves to do puppy foundation work, especially for people who may be interested in sport work and/or advanced obedience. She also specializes in service dog training and has trained both purpose-bred puppies and carefully selected rescue dogs to perform tasks related to PTSD, autism, mobility support, and medical alert. .


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