Refined K-9’s New Board and Train Programs

Not just another “doggy boot camp”

We are excited to offer specialized board and train programs with Refined K-9’s own Jose Moreno. located on 3 acres deep in the Eastbay, our private dog boarding facility is the perfect oasis for any dog. During your dog’s stay with us, they will gain the full experience of being in a home environment, with our “mock living room”, as well as experience the hustle a bustle of the nearby city. You can rest easy knowing that your dog us under the safe and watchful eye of 24/7 observation. Your dog will learn alongside others with no more than 6 dogs at a time. This experience allows for our trainers to spend the time your dog needs to excel and learn in his/her program.

Our balanced board and train programs are ideal for expediting the basics and foundations of learning. OR, update your training skills and enjoy a high-level off-leash obedience. Our trainers will target reactive behaviors while working in realistic environments, from busy sidewalks to open spaces. Your dog will be exposed to real-life situations and stimulus such as doorbells, being approached by new people, and other environmental stressors. These training programs also provide daily structured socialization, and group pack walks.

Your dog belongs here no matter what.

All dogs and all behaviors are welcome at Refined K-9. We strive to personalize our programs to accommodate your training needs with aggression as well. Let us take the stress out of training by tackling the hard work that comes with excessive barking, leash pulling, separation anxiety, crate training, human and or animal aggression, even housebreaking. Enjoy email and phone support during and after your dog’s stay with us. Photos and updates will be sent to you by request and posted on our Facebook page. If you wish to visit our facility you may do so by appointment, or during one of our 2 group class times each week. We require owners to visit once a week (typically excluding the first week) to learn along with your dog, and our trainers. We also encourage owner’s to meet with us after the board and train is complete during our Saturday morning L.R.A class, to continue with group training.  We will pick up and drop off at your home as a part of our service.


For more details about these programs including pricing, click here


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