Puppy Training

Refined K-9 Foundation Puppy Training Program

Puppy Training from Refined K-9
Refined K-9 is excited to offer our new Foundation Puppy Training Program! Our private, in-home puppy training focuses on helping you reach full potential with your new addition from an early age. We will help you prepare for the many “Stages of Puppy” by building a lasting connection that sets the stage for optimal behavior in the future.

Begin from the start.

Like our other private dog training programs, puppy training begins with an evaluation in your home. Our Behaviorists will assist you with a daily training plan for your puppy along with home set up advice. During the evaluation, we introduce you to the breed, help pinpoint drive and build critical early engagement; all helping you avoid future behavioral issues. Our Puppy training isn’t just the basics! This fully packed foundational program is suitable for everyone, including the seasoned dog owner.
What you and your puppy will learn and experience together
  • House Training or Potty Training
  • Intro to Leash
  • Understanding Mouthiness
  • Crate Training
  • Self Soothing
  • Exposure to People and Environments
  • Comfort With Handling
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Eye Contact
  • Intro to Recall
  • Place Command
  • Boundaries
  • Food Luring
  • Compulsion Control
  • General Do’s and Don’ts for your puppy’s age.
If you are looking to be proactive, or want to get started now, contact us for more details and current availability.
Expecting twins? Maybe triplets?! Not a problem, we are probably as excited as you are… who doesn’t love a pile of puppies? We can accommodate any number you decide to take on.
This program is designed for puppies under 6 months of age without any serious behavioral issues. If you are interested in training your 6 month or older pup, take a look at our Obedience Training program. Or if  you are experiencing some unwanted behaviors take a look at our Behavior Modification Training. Feel free to contact us to see what program might be best for you and your pack!