Off-Leash Training

Why tie yourself down?

Living in Northern California, we dog owners have incredible off-leash adventures available to us. From amazing beach playgrounds to coastal hiking trails, parks and mountains; all within walking/driving distance. I mean, who doesn’t love Tahoe and Big Sur?! But for some people, these amazing places have to be enjoyed without their K-9 companions because they are not trustworthy off the leash.

Hey Bay Area! Let us help you ditch the leash, and get exploring with no strings or ropes attached! Our recall program is 3 to 5 private sessions depending on your dog’s current engagement levels. If you just need a tune up or you are starting from scratch, we have a program for you! Contact us to learn more and get exploring!

Want to take it to the next level?

So do we…

Off-leash healing is a great way to stay involved with higher level obedience! This can be a fun new level of discipline encouraging you and your dog to keep engaged with each other. Contact Us for more information about what program is best for you and your dog! Qualifying dogs must be pre-approved for off leash training by a Refined K-9 Behaviorist.