The Refined Way


Behavioral problems with your dog can be extremely stressful. In our many years of experience we have seen everything from mild behavioral problems, such excessive barking, to severe reactive/aggression cases. We’ve even seen young couples afraid to start a family due to unpredictable reactions from their pet. You are not alone; every dog can improve.

Not just dog training

The difference with Refined K-9 is that we teach you how to understand these amazing creatures. We don’t treat symptoms; we help you engage with your dog through a deeper understanding of how they think. You’ll learn to pay attention to body language, reasons for specific reactions and the ability predict behaviors before they become problematic and detrimental to your lifestyle and mental wellbeing.

There is no guidebook for training

Every dog and every owner are unique. Therefore, we don’t specialize in any one technique, however if to be labeled, we use a “Balanced method”. Reward based training may work for certain behaviors; correction and redirection may be necessary for others. Your Refined K-9 trainer will work closely with you to understand the relationship between your dog and your stresses. We will build your confidence around understanding behaviors and communicating successfully using the most appropriate techniques available today.

Change the way you think about your trainer

No case is too difficult for us at Refined K-9. We specialize in dogs with moderate to severe behavioral problems and have experience in everything from separation anxiety to dangerously poor recall. We routinely deal with cases of reactive/aggressive behaviors that have led to injury from bites on both people and dogs. Understanding you have a problem with your dog is the first step. We help you every step along the way thereafter. Your trainer will be your mentor, guide you, answer questions, calm your nerves and help you enjoy a strengthened and meaningful relationship with your dog. We’re here for you because we’ve been there.

Welcome to the “Refined Way.”