Welcome Our New Dog Trainer, Ken Carpenter!

Refined K-9 is proud to welcome Ken Carpenter to the team! 

Ken Carpenter’s passion for dog training began 16-years-ago. Ken’s own rescue Cruz, an 85-pound working-line German Shepherd was the first. Shortly after adoption, it became clear that Cruz had severe behavioral issues including leash reactivity and dog aggression. Cruz’s additional tendency to escape multiple types of enclosures made him an extreme liability. Ken, however, saw potential; taking action despite the enormous challenge required to mold Cruz into an obedient and stable companion through rehabilitation. This effort introduced Ken to the “Balanced Training” method.

Goodbye corporate world! Hello, dog training.

Ken comes from a diverse background. From his experience as a two-time Olympian to a career in professional finance. This diversity has helped him gain unique instinctual, observational, and analytical skills – all essential to understanding animal behavior. Ken enjoys staying informed in the dog training world, through continuous education of training methodology. Aside from a 1-year intensive program with Refined K-9 Dog Training, Ken most recently focused on advanced dog obedience and decoy training with Michael Ellis. Ken also worked in protection sports seminars with French dog spot trainer Julien Ryckenbusch. Ken continued his education with other local trainers including rattlesnake awareness for dogs. Having trained both of his personal dogs fully to avoid snakes in the Bay Area. All this in 2016.

A well-rounded trainer.

Ken especially welcomes the challenge of the more difficult behavioral issues, believing that all dogs can find their true equilibrium in the right environment. Ken’s genuine enthusiasm for dog training extends to his own canine companions, Roxi; a Belgian Malinois and Ryker; a rescue Malinois/German Shepherd mix. Ken specializes in foundation puppy training, recall training, engagement training, Off-leash recall training, focused healing, dog behavior modification, including dog anxiety, reactive behavior, and aggression rehabilitation training. Contact us to book with Ken today!  


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