Meet Our New Dog Trainer Jose Moreno!

We are very excited to announce our “adoption” of Trainer/Behaviorist Jose Moreno, who will be working our board and train programs starting August 1st, 2017!

YEP! The former owner of Canine Specialties is now a member of the Refined K-9 pack! Jose and Theo (Owner of Refined K-9) first met back in 2012, crossing paths to train together briefly before Jose opened his own facility in San Jose, California. 5 years later we could not be more lucky to have Jose as a part of our team.

From the beginning, Jose has always specialized in working with the most aggressive behavioral problems. He has perfected methodology for rebuilding and balancing the relationship between owner and dog. Educating clients about responsible dog ownership, communication, handling, and future management. Jose is one of a kind and truly commits himself to every dog he works with.

Jose has been training dogs since 2010 continuing his education and experience along the way. His education background includes:

Animal Behavior College- 2010

National K9 Learning Center, Columbus, Ohio-2011

K91 Specialized dog training, Peekskill, NY-2011 to 2012

Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, Petaluma, Ca-2012 to 2014

Jose is currently active in competitive protection sports, and actively competes in Schutzhund/IPO and PSA, Competitive Obedience, including Competitive focused healing, retrieval, competitive jumping, and agility. Jose currently operates the California Dog Sports Schutzhund/IPO club.

Jose’s pack currently includes:
Long hair German Shepherd named Dax – Currently competing.
Belgian Malinois named Tess – Currently competing.
Dogo Argentino named Duke – Currently retired, however aids with socialization.
Pitbull, American Bulldog mix named Daisy – Currently retired, however also aids with socialization.

For more information about our board and train programs, or to book your dog with Jose Moreno contact us!




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