(L.R.A) Leash Reactive Anonymous…



The first step is admitting you have a problem… We can help from there.

What is L.R.A?

Leash Reactive Anonymous.

This class is designed for dogs who have completed our Private Training or Board and Train programs.

L.R.A will gain your confidence as an owner while providing a structured opportunity to expose your dog to several other dogs who have also had behavioral issues. You will be working alongside people who have been in the same position as you owning dogs with a history of behavioral issues. All are welcome here. This is the time and place to continue to increase your skills as a handler while properly and safely exposing your dog. We at Refined K-9 Dog Training see this every day, as we work to rehabilitate dogs and their owners. Training your dog never stops. We believe in providing opportunities with Refined K-9 to continue to succeed!

Is L.R.A right for my dog?

All dogs can ultimately benefit from this class. However, L.R.A class is designed to target reactive behaviors and safely correct them in a training environment. Dogs and humans will make mistakes… This is inevitable. We approach each client individually first to see if they are ready L.R.A Many clients and dogs need to learn the basics of leash handling and engagement with their dogs prior to joining.

L.R.A is especially designed to dogs who are, or have been labeled as: “leash reactive, dog aggressive, have a bite history, are prey driven, exhibit fearful behaviors, even dogs who are human reactive/aggressive”. Most importantly dogs that can benefit from a safe place to socialise but have been rejected by dog walkers and day care facilities. If any of these apply to your dog L.R.A is right for your dog.

How can I join L.R.A?

L.R.A classes are held by Refined K-9 Dog Training at designated locations in the Bay Area. Your dog must have an initial private session with one of Refined K-9’s behaviorists to determine what level of reactivity your dog is in. If you have already trained with us your dog has already been evaluated and we can properly place him/her in one of our classes.

What do I need to bring to L.R.A class?

Classes are held in a very careful setting to be sure no persons or dogs are hurt. You will need your training collar and leash, your dog’s favorite toy, Treat pouch, high-value treats, and your own water.

We will provide everything else! You can expect to see elevated beds for dogs who are not ready to join the group or need work on exposure to the group inside or outside of our pack walk. Long lines are provided for reinforcing your dogs down/stay from a distance. Agility equipment is provided for dogs who are further along and are able to focus on their owner on more difficult yet fun tasks!

Please inquire via our contact page. for more information and availability.