(L.R.A) Leash Reactive Anonymous…



The first step is admitting you have a problem… We can help from there.

Our leash reactive class is designed as a continuing desensitization therapy for dogs who are leash reactive. Refined K-9 Dog Training and Psychological Rehabilitation is proud to offer our L.R.A classes throughout the year. Please inquire via our contact page. for more information and availability.

What is L.R.A?

L.R.A is designed to safely and effectively expose your dog in groups on and off the leash. Dogs are pack animals. Whether you live at home with 3 kids, 2 cats, a husband/wife/partner, or with a roommate, your dog seeks and thrives off of pack structure. Dogs are masters at teaching each other to behave. When you properly introduce a well balanced socialized dog to a group of dogs with reactive issues, amazing progress can be made.

L.R.A techniques are based off of Chad Makin’s (Owner of Pack to Basics) Method. Working with Chad we saw first hand how effective this program really was. We saw several dogs with various levels of behavioral issues walking and working together as a pack. We were so impressed by what we witnessed we had to bring the “Refined” version to Bay Area, as we knew so many dogs and owners could benefit from this program.

This class will gain your confidence as an owner as well as increase your understanding of why your dogs is behaving out of line. Many dogs do not receive proper socialization when they are young. This can create a reactiveness that can only get worse going unaddressed and even worse with time. We at Refined K-9 Dog Training see this everyday, as we work to rehabilitate dogs and their owners. Some dogs have increased reactive displays that come from a place of fear or exposure that has been reinforced without you as the owner even knowing.

Is L.R.A right for my dog?

All dogs can ultimately benefit from this socialization class. However the class is designed to target reactive behaviors and safely correct them in a fashion that dogs ultimately and universally understand thorough pack mentality. This “Pack” mentality is a term many of us have heard before as a negative description for dogs who engage in a behavior out of instinct. This is indeed true. However the term “pack mentality” is also a term for dogs working together for the better of the group. Dogs CAN learn this behavior from other dogs in a safe environment with proper professional instruction.

L.R.A is especially designed to dogs who are, or have been labeled as: “leash reactive, dog aggressive, have a bite history, are prey driven, exhibit fearful behaviors, even dogs who are human reactive/aggressive”. Most importantly dogs that can benefit from a safe place to socialise but have been rejected by dog walkers and day care facilities. If any of these apply to your dog L.R.A is right for your dog.

How can I join L.R.A?

L.R.A classes are held by Refined K-9 Dog Training at designated locations in the Bay Area. Your dog must have an initial private session with one of Refined K-9’s behaviorists to determine what level of reactivity your dog is in. If you have already trained with us your dog has already been evaluated and we can properly place him/her in one of our classes.

What do I need to bring to L.R.A class?

Classes are held in a very careful setting to be sure no persons or dogs are hurt. However in the event that a dog does engage in a fight the trainers of L.R.A will properly separate your dogs. Because of this possibility just like a boarding or daycare facility you will need to provide an updated copy of your dog’s vaccinations.

You should bring your normal training leash and collar. We will provide you with a safety slip leash for the class itself. Water bowls will be provided if you choose to bring your own water you may water your dog when permitted. Please DO NOT bring any treats or toys to this class. L.R.A is designed to be a social setting. Some dogs may have issues with fixation or food aggression.