Benny the Pit Bull

Benny, the Pit Bull, came to us when his owner, Dan, had concerns with Benny’s aggressive behavior, which included being leash reactive toward other dogs. During the initial visit it was plain to see that Benny had a very high desire to please. Also evident was his high toy drive. Refined K9’s trainer Rob brought out his own dog Samson, a Belgian Malinois, and showed Dan the high level of obedience that can be accomplished with the winning combination of personality that dogs like Benny possess.

Dan was very committed to the training process and became more encouraged weekly as Benny progressed through the curriculum. Due to this level of participation Benny flourished and is now one of our most recognizable clients, Benny is featured in several of our videos on YouTube showing off his abilities after only a few lessons.

Refined K9 takes pride in each and every client and their dogs knowing that through training the bond between human and canine deepens.


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